A-Z Kids Cooking Recipes

Do you need a fun way to introduce the alphabet and cooking to kids? A theme idea like cooking with the alphabet can teach kids not only their letters but help them learn some fun cooking techniques too.

This could be a fun activity to incorporate into your school year. How about Alphabet Cooking Friday? Where you concentrate on a letter of the week and end the week with some cooking activities inspired by that letter. We can come up with a lot of fun letter activities but here we will concentrate on A-Z kids cooking recipes.alphabet recipes

Try our Cooking with the Alphabet book for more recipes!
cooking with alphabet

Letter A Cooking Recipes

Apple recipes are a kid friendly hit or try Alfredo for dinner. You'll be surprised at how quick you can whip up some Alfredo sauce to go with your cooked noodles or broccoli.

More A ideas:


Letter B Cooking Ideas

The letter B has a wealth of great recipes for kids like Broccoli, Beans or Basil Pesto . However you can go for meals like Bubble Pizza or Homemade Bowtie Pasta as well.
bowtie pasta

Letter C Cooking Ideas

Corn Chowder or Chicken Casserole are great recipes that are full of the Letter C. But don't forget any recipe with cheese, chicken, carrots, cucumber or cabbage works too.

Letter D Cooking Ideas

Dirt Cups or Dip recipes can be a fun way to focus on the Letter D. Dessert, Doughnuts and Deviled eggs can work too.

Letter E Cooking Ideas

Letter E can focus a lot on Eggs! Egg Drop Soup or simply scrambled eggs are easy recipes even young children can create. If you want to incorporate a vegetable idea try a recipe with eggplant.

Letter F Cooking Ideas

The letter F is a good way to sneak in a new fruit that perhaps your kids haven't tried- Figs. For more traditional recipes trying making a fruit salad or homemade French fries. Tie in some geography and learn more about France and French cooking.

Letter G Cooking Ideas

G is filled will lots of great vegetable ideas, green beans, garlic, green peppers and green peas. Fruits with the Letter G could include grapes, guacamole or grapefruit.

Letter H Cooking Ideas 

Letter H ideas can include anything with ham, hamburger or herbs. Some main dish ideas could be Hawaiian Haystacks or Ham Soup.

Letter I Cooking Ideas

The first thing that comes to most kids, and perhaps adults, mind for the letter I is ice cream. Trying making homemade ice cream, ice cream cake or shaved ice.
shaved ice

Letter J Cooking Ideas

Homemade jam or Jambalaya can be unique ideas to use with your Letter J activities.

berry jam

Letter Activity

Alphabet Sentence Game- Printable games and worksheets
alphabet game

Letter K Cooking Ideas

It's a good time to introduce kids to kale or kiwi with the Letter K.
You can add some geography lessons into your teaching with Kung Pao Chicken or Indian Kofta

Letter L Cooking Ideas

Letter L is great for getting your kids to make their own variation of salad with lettuce. Also try homemade lemonade or introduce lentils.

Letter M Cooking Ideas

Add some fun cooking activities for the letter M with making meatballs, minestrone or homemade macaroni and cheese.
Vegetables and fruits you could focus on for M are mushrooms, mashed potatoes, melons or mangoes.
mashed potatoes

Letter N Cooking Ideas

For your letter N activities try adding something with nuts if there isn't an allergy. Otherwise noodles, like this noodle casserole works well. Nachos is another fun and simple cooking idea for kids.

Letter O Cooking Ideas

Oranges, oatmeal, owl theme, onion rings, or olive salad all fit in well with the Letter O.
onion rings

Letter P Cooking Ideas

So so many wonderful cooking ideas for the letter P. You might want to extend this letter for another week or more!
Homemade Potato Chips
Potato Skins
Potato Salad
Pie pops
Push pops
Whew, that should keep you busy for awhile!

Letter Q Cooking Ideas

Although their aren't as many ideas as the last letter of the alphabet, you can still create a quiche or quesadillas. Or try introducing a new fruit like quince.

Letter R Cooking Ideas

A fun idea for the Letter R could be rainbow theme food.
However, you can go a little easier with roasted vegetables, Roast beef or ratatouille.
Vegetables for the letter R can be radishes, red peppers or romaine lettuce.
roast beef

Letter S Cooking Ideas

Another great letter for cooking activities! Try soup, shepherds pie, stroganoff, Sloppy Joes, or stromboil for a main dish. Add some strawberries, spinach or salad on the side.
salad bowl

Letter T Cooking Ideas

A definite kid favorite for the Letter T is tacos. Try making homemade tortillas for a fun cooking activity. Tomato Soup and tuna salad sandwiches could go together nicely for Letter T day.
tomato soup bowl

Letter Activity

Alphabet Coloring Pages, Flash Cards and Writing Practice

Letter U Cooking Ideas

Unfortunately, there isn't many cooking ideas for the letter U. But a favorite could be Upside down cake.
upside down cake

Letter V Cooking Ideas

This veggie layer dish with a Red Velvet cake for dessert fit the Letter V perfectly.
veggie dish layered

Letter W Cooking Ideas

Watermelon is one of our favorite things to eat in the summer!  Also try waffles for dinner or lettuce wraps.
lettuce wrap

Letter X Cooking Ideas

There isn't much to say about the letter X when it comes to food itself. However, you can certainly create homemade breadsticks and make your own letter X's.

Letter Y Cooking Ideas

Create a yogurt parfait or yogurt cup for your Letter Y day!
yogurt parfait

Letter Z Cooking Ideas

Letter Z is specializing in zucchini! Try zucchini fries, zucchini bread or zucchini pizza.

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