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Insect Theme Party

This insect theme party is perfect for younger chefs or older ones who love to create and make things that resemble other objects. For this party creativity shines so it is a lot of fun to invite friends to join in this bug theme party.
ladybug redf
Try using one of the ladybug recipe ideas below for your party centerpiece. Make simple party hats with headbands and pom poms for antennas.

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Bug Party Menu Ideas

Bug Farm
Graham crackers or light brown cookies
Red hots or red candies
Chocolate sprinkles
Crush several graham crackers in a Ziploc baggie with a rolling pin or kitchen mallet. Add to the bag several raisins (for bugs), red hots (for ladybugs) and chocolate sprinkles (for ants). Enjoy eating your eatable bug farm.
bug farmbug farm craft edible
Ladybug Theme Party Ideas
  • Make ladybugs from cupcakes by decorating with white frosting and sprinkle with red sugar. Add black licorice for legs and mini chocolate chips for spots.

  • For another type of ladybug, use a large red apple sliced in half. Remove core and seeds. Place on a plate with the red on the top. Attach with peanut butter, licorice for antennas and chocolate chips for eyes.

  • Slice the top off of a cherry tomato and stuff with tuna salad, find the recipe here. Use whole cloves for eyes but make sure kids take them out before eating and decorate spots with cream cheese or chopped black olives. Antennas can be chopped chives or green onion stems.
ladybug shaped food

Caterpillars and Chrysalis

Refrigerated dough biscuits, crescent rolls or  homemade  doughcaterpillar in a chrysalis
Hot dogs whole or cut in half
Slices of cheese

If using homemade biscuit dough roll out and cut into circles with glass or round cutter. Press a circle flat and place a hot dog on top of the dough. Add a slice of cheese the same length of the hot dog, if desired. (this is the caterpillar).

Fold dough over around the caterpillar and press seam edges together. (this is the Chrysalis) Place on cookie sheet and bake until golden brown.

Ants on a Long
The popular snack for ants on a log. Cut celery into 3-4 inch pieces. Fill middle with cheese spread or peanut butter. Add raisins to top to get the ants crawling on the log.
ants on log

Fruit Bugs
Make fruit slices into butterflies or caterpillars.
fruit bugs

Lady Bug Cake

lady bug cake
by Laura Root (Washington)
There are two lady bugs. One is a double layer 9in round cake and the second one is a 6 inch single layer round cake. I frosted both cakes with white butter cream. Then I used red food coloring mist to spray both cakes red.

With the left over batter from the 6 inch cake, I made cupcakes. I cut two cupcakes in half and stacked them on top of each other and placed the cut ends to the round cake for the heads of the lady bugs.

For the smaller cake I only used one half of the cupcake instead of two. I used black colored butter cream to color the heads of the ladybugs black. I used a #5 tip to do the lines for the wings. I used a tip with a large hole to do the spots.

I used tip with a large hole to do the white spots on the head for eyes and the #5 tip that I used to do the wings with for the black spots on the eyes. I used a #3 tip to do the mouths. I use a grass tip to put grass around the lady bugs as if they were sitting in some grass. I used the left over cupcakes and made them into flowers.

This cake is very simple to do. Anyone can do this. I had some troubles with the head and trying to frost it while keeping it stuck to the cake. Make sure when you cut the cupcake in half and stack them on top of each other, put a little frosting in between the layers so they stick together better. I will do that next time if I have to do this cake again.

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