Animal Theme Food Ideas for Kids

Anytime you can create something fun with your food kids will eat it up. Try giving the kids ideas or a picture and let them make their own creations. Here are some of our favorite animal theme food ideas.

animal theme recipes

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Animal Theme Food Ideas

You can buy candy eyeballs and use them all over your food just like in these meatballs. Just add a carrot piece for a beak.
meatballs with eyes


bird theme snack
These are easy to make with a few ingredients. Apple leaves and branches, strawberry wings and beaks, blueberry nose and body cut out of bread.

Also try edible bird nests.
potato nests

Bunny Rabbits

bunny sandwich
Cutting out shapes of animals is an easy way to create fun food. Try this bunny sandwich idea or more Bunny Theme Snacks here


Create some edible Spiders
spider cookies

Adding olive slices and pepper slices for legs you can create your own spider theme pizza.

Or make a Spider Cake
spider cake


Dinosaur Ideas- Create dinosaurs out of vegetables makes a fun twist in a vegetable tray.


Owl Food Ideas- See these fun owl ideas for your kids snacks...
owl cupcake

Farm Animals

See our Farm Animal Ideas. Here are two farm theme sandwich ideas also...
cow sandwich
Make a cottage cheese sheep snack.
sheep sandwich
Turn a simple boiled egg into chicks. See a few variations on our farm theme page.
egg chicks

Create a smoothie into a fun work of art with smoothie bowls.
smoothie bowl


Snake theme ideas can be easy as this simple tomato mozzarella "salad" snack or see more snake theme ideas here. 
tomato mozzarella snake


Penguins- Create fun penguin theme snacks.
penguin out of a banana

Sea Creatures

Under the Sea Snack Theme- With a sea theme you can create many fun ideas for animal snacks like these...
crab crossiant

Puppy Dogs

Decorated cake pops- learn how to make cake pops and design some fun animal shapes.
dog cake pops

Puppy Cupcakes
puppy cupcakes


Cat Cookies and Cupcakes
cat cupcake

Cat Eyes Non Reader Recipe


Turkey Shaped Fun Snacks like a relish tray, turkey bread, turkey shaped apple and more..


Reindeer Theme ideas


Frog Apples
apple frogs

Frog Cupcakes
frog cupcakes


Turtle Shaped bread
turtle bread

Ladybug and Insects

See our insect theme food ideas here.


Snail Bread
snail bread


Bear Theme Food Ideas
bear pancakes


Make mice cookies
mice cookies

Create little chocolate mice.
chocolate mice

Or a mice cheese and crackers snack.
mice cheese crackers snack

Animal Toasts

Create a boring piece of toast into a fun snack with these ideas/ Use Nutella, peanut butter or cream cheese as the spread. Then add fruit to make animal faces.
animal spread toasts

Animals on a Log

Make a twist on the ants on a log idea by using animal crackers and adding "food" for the animals.
animals on the log

Creative Food Art Bundle

Share your animal theme food below.

animal party food ideas

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Elephant Cake  Not rated yet
I made this cake for my sons 2nd birthday. I chose to make an elephant cake for him as it was his favourite animal at the time. He loved pretending to …

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