Transportation Theme Party

For a transportation theme dinner put together a race track with cars in the middle of your table for your party centerpiece.
transportation recipe ideas

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Transportation Dinner Menu

A great appetizer to start your Transportation kids dinner party, make sailboat eggs out of deviled eggs and a red pepper sail.

sailboat egg

Fruit Boats

Create a fruit boat with banana and kiwi slices for the boat and pineapple rings cut in half for the sail. Hold together with large plastic toothpicks.
boats made out of fruit

Car Sandwich

  • Hoagie rolls
  • Sandwich fillings
  • Cucumber cut in circles
  • Pretzel sticks
Prepare hoagie sandwiches with desired meat and cheese fillings. Place two cucumber circles on the end of a pretzel stick. Make another for the back wheels of the car. Place hoagie "car" on top of its wheels and watch it get eaten up.

car sandwich

Cucumber Boats

Cut a large cucumber in half and scoop out insides. Fill with tuna salad, chicken salad, whatever you'd like. We filled ours with a Greek salad and added flags for fun. Perhaps we should have added a Greek flag but didn't have one!
cucumber boats

Apple Cars

Use apple slices and grapes cut in half to create cars. You'll need to use toothpicks inserted into the apple slice to keep your wheels in place. Add little drivers, if desired.

apple cars with drivers apple cars in race

Transportation Party Dessert

Edible Stoplight

  • Graham cracker or other rectangle crackers
  • White frosting or cream cheese if using a salty cracker
  • M&M's or other candies red, yellow and green colors
Break a graham cracker into rectangles. Spread frosting over each graham cracker rectangle. Place a red, yellow and green candy on top of the frosting to resemble a stop light.
edible stoplight

Candy Race Cars

  • Mini size candy bars
  • Teddy Grahams
  • M&M's or other round candies
  • Chocolate frosting
Cut a small hole out of the top of the candy bar for the driver. Add a dot of frosting and add a teddy graham. Add a dot of frosting in spots for the candy wheels and steering wheel.  Add M&M's on top of the frosting.
snickers car snickers car race

Dump Truck Cake

  • Clean dump truck toy
  • Chocolate cake or brownies cut in squares
  • Crushed chocolate and vanilla cookies
Add crushed cookies to clean dump truck. ( cookies will look like dirt and sand) Add the chocolate cake squares to the cookie crumbs. Sprinkle more cookie crumbs over the cake.

dump truck cake
Photo courtesy of Janet

How to Make a Sail Boat Cake

boat pieces cut from 13x9 pan

A simple method for making a sailboat begins with a 13 x 9. Follow the recipe and after it is baked:
  • Allow it to cool
  • Cut into a square, leaving a rectangle on the end
  • On the square, make a diagonally cut to form two triangles
  • Cut one triangle in half for the sail and the bottom of your boat.
The other rectangle will be used to make small boats.

Rearrange your pieces to have a bottom and the sails as shown below. Set aside your extra rectangle and frost and decorate the arranged pieces.

To make the small boats, divide the rectangle in three smaller rectangles. Frost and add paper sails, or additional details to personalize the sailboat for the guest of honor or to match the event's theme.

pieces together

Frost and decorate how you would like. To make the small boats. Cut your rectangle in three smaller rectangles. Frost and add paper sails or whatever details you'd like.
sailboat cake with smaller boats

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