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Under the Sea Party

For this Under the Sea party dress in beach attire, sunglasses and sandals.
Create a fun centerpiece and create a fish theme under the sea dinner.
under the sea party

Planned Kids Cooking Curriculum

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Theme Party Centerpiece

Use a clean fish bowl and fill with blue Jell-O. Let set and place candy fish or sharks inside the Jello.
edible fish aquarium
Or fill a fish bowl with seashells, colorful rocks, and plastic sea creatures.

Under the Sea Party Menu

Here are some under the sea menu ideas.

Under the Sea Collage
  • Color cool whip blue and spread over rice cakes. Decorate with fish crackers and make your own under the sea creation.
  • Tint cream cheese blue with food coloring and spread over mini bagels. Decorate with fish crackers or fish candies.
  • Fish in the Ocean Edible Craft

    edible aquarium

Let's Go Fishing Snack
Use a pretzel rod or long sticks for a fishing rod. Place peanut butter on the end for bait and dip your fishing rod in a pond of fish.(fish crackers in a bowl.) I have also used these bread stick and cheese combos for this and they work great.

cheese baitfishing pole

River of Fish

Celery stalks cut twice or three times
Cream cheese
Blue food coloring
Fish crackers
In a bowl add one or two drops of blue food coloring to the cream cheese. Fill celery sticks with cream cheese. Add fish crackers to the top of the sticks to resemble fish swimming in the river.
rivers of fish edible snack

Cajun Catfish
Find the recipe here on our Southern Cooking Page. You can substitute another type of fish for catfish if desired. If you don't like spicy food try substituting 1 tablespoon Parsley for the chili powder.

Pepperoni Pizza Fish

fish dough pizzafish pizza prep

Shape pizza dough into mini fishes. Let each child prepare their fish. Use pepperoni to resemble scales and olives for eyes. Something quick, fishy and kid friendly for dinner.
*Find a recipe for pizza dough here
fish pizza

Shrimp Skewer
1 lb. Uncooked deveined Shrimp
¼ cup olive oil
½ cup bread crumbs
1 teaspoon Italian seasoning
Brush olive oil over shrimp. In a small bowl add bread crumbs, Italian seasoning and a dash of pepper. Coat both sides of shrimp in bread crumb mixture. Place on a skewer. Grill or bake.

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Theme Dinner Ideas

Oyster Cookies
Nilla Wafers or shell shaped cookies
Frosting tinted blue or color of your choice
Mini marshmallows
Add frosting to the bottom of one cookie and top with a mini marshmallow. Add top cookie.
oyster cookies

Mermaid Tail Pinata Cookies

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