Basic Cooking Lessons

These basic cooking lessons stem from the fact that so many moms and dads have told me they have learned along with their kids in our Kids' Lessons. These cooking lesson plans are geared toward learning how to cook natural, healthy meals to feed your family. I've narrowed them down to 10 lessons, albeit it will take much more to learn how to cook everything!
how to lessons

These 10 online lessons will help you get started with some basic knowledge such as how to cook grains, eggs or meat. We'll also learn how to season your food and bake your own bread. Then finish this section off with a how to cook forum.

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Free Online Cooking Lessons

I rarely use canned, processed foods such as cream soups in my kitchen so you won't see those recipes here. However, I will teach you how to make your own cream soups and homemade sauces. It is important to know the basics of cooking to help feed your family.

Each of these 10 lessons have recipes to practice and try at home.
  1.   How to make stock and soups.

  2. Learn how to make the 5 mother sauces.
    making sauce

  3. Working with yeast and baking breads.

  4. Using herbs and spices.

  5. How to cook vegetables

  6. How to cook dry beans

  7. How to cook grains

  8. How to cook eggs

  9. Different cooking methods
    cooking methods

  10. Grow your own herb garden and how to use fresh herbs

You can continue on with more lesson ideas such as:
Breading and Coating Technique

Using Kitchen Appliances
Meal planning
Food Presentation/ Garnishing

Putting your meals together will hopefully be easier after going through this basic cooking lessons section.  If you have a  specific question you'd like to learn about visit our how to cook Q&A forum.

How to Cook Q&A forum

Here are some FAQ (frequently asked questions):
How cook black beans
Making Oatmeal
How to make white saucechopping vegetables in kitchen
How to make a pasta salad
Making fried rice
Roasting a whole chicken
Cook asparagus
Cook baked potatoes
Cook fresh pumpkin
Cook eggplant
How to make potato salad
How to make roast beef
How to make egg salad
Making potato soup
How to make lentils
Making tomato soup
How to make chili
How to make lasagna
How to make hamburger patties
How to make French fries
Making crepes
Cooking Artichokes

How cook Beets
Cooking zucchini
Spring Rolls
How to create homemade mixes like bisquick, pancake, brownie mix, etc.
How to make homemade sauces from scratch
How is chocolate made
Making cabbage rolls
Homemade tortillas
Homemade granola
Sloppy Joes Recipe
How to make mashed potatoes

See more answers to questions. This is a forum type section so please feel free to jump in and leave a comment or help someone out with their question.

Basic Cooking Lessons FAQ Forum

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